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Independence Way is a provider of quality accommodation and support services. Our homes are strictly gender specific to reduce the risk of sexual exploitation among residents. We consider many other factors when sourcing our properties to ensure that they meet the needs of our young service users.

Location is of paramount importance when selecting our homes. We ensure that the property is located in close proximity to important amenities such as health practitioners, transportation links, shops, educational institutions, leisure facilities and so on.

Room sizes is also very important to us. We make sure our rooms are of decent size and comfortably furnished.

We provide a furnished communal room with a television set and desk top computer among other things. Also, fast internet broadband access is available in every area of our homes.

Our kitchens are furnished with white goods, cutleries, plates, cups, pots and pans and other items you would expect to find in a typical British kitchen.

Our vision and mission is to create a warm, homely and comfortable environment for all our service users.

To Accommodate and Support Young People

Be a part of Independence Way

We are here to serve the best interests of young persons placed with us at all times. To achieve this outcome, we follow a stringent process of matching to ensure we meet all safeguarding requirements.