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I was in four placements within a period of six months before I was placed with Independence Way in June 2015. Everywhere I was placed, I either requested to be moved for one reason or the other or the people sent me away! But since I came here, I have been made to feel at home. I have a very big room and Ben has been like a dad to me. He is so patient, very caring and helpful. That is why I call him dad”! I want to stay here for as long as possible.
- MA

I really like it here. Whenever we need anything, Ben would provide as quickly as possible. When I am feeling a bit down sometimes, he wants to know why and he tries to encourage me that everything will be alright. He is so caring and helps with everything. The house is close to the town centre and I can get everything within a few minutes’ walk.
- TE

I am very happy living here. The house is very good and near everything I need. Also, Ben is always here to help me. He is so kind and very patient. He takes me for medical appointments, education and whenever I need something from my social worker, he helps me also. In fact, Ben would do anything to make you happy.
- TG

I was with Ben for about three months. I enjoyed my time with Ben. He was very helpful and very kind. The reason I requested to be moved was because my school was too far away and I wanted to be closer to my brother. I was placed in Gravesend and my school was in Tonbridge Wells. I was spending over three hours every day to and from school. Because of the distance, my school attendance was affected. Ben actually supported my decision to be moved closer to my school. Even after I left, Ben still kept in touch with me to to see how I was doing. That means so much to me.
- SS

It was a real pleasure to work with you. You were child focussed, you always put the young people’s needs above all. I appreciate that you were able to spend quality time with the children in your placement. Your ability to work in partnership with the local authority and all the professionals with the sole purpose of providing the best outcomes for the children is commendable. Ben, you are soft spoken and have the ability to deal effectively with any crisis situations. I will definitely miss you but will take back good memories of working with you back home. Any time you wish to come to visit for personal or professional reasons, get in touch. Good Luck with all your endeavours!! Keep in touch… Miss U tonnes”
- SS

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We are here to serve the best interests of young persons placed with us at all times. To achieve this outcome, we follow a stringent process of matching to ensure we meet all safeguarding requirements.